The Advantages and Disadvantages of Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles were once upon a time thought to be a highly desirable accessory, much in the same way as laminate flooring was when it first hit the market. However, for the carpet buyer faced with the decision as to whether or not to purchase carpet tiles for his next floor covering project he faces a dilemma, weighing up both the pros and cons of this form of carpeting.


? Flexible ? carpet tiles are extremely flexible in that they can be laid in the most awkward shaped rooms, whilst other carpets may cause problems. Consider a room with plenty of corners ? carpeting that may prove a bit of a nightmare however by using carpet tiles the fitting process becomes much easier.
? Easy to lay ? laying caret tiles is child?s play. Compared to laying a larger carpet and all the intricacies of fitting the same, carpet tiles can be laid in a matter of minutes without the same need for cutting and measuring.
? Easy to clean ? cleaning carpet tiles is much easier that cleaning a larger carpet, for the simple fact that the independent tiles can be removed one by one and cleaned on their own accord, thus they present a more manageable option as compared to larger, one-piece carpets.
? Less Wastage ? when laying carpet tiles, there is less opportunity for carpet to be wasted. Because there is less cutting and fitting required, there is consequently less in the way of wastage, proving more cost efficient in the long run.


? Lack of Cohesion – the greatest strength of the humble carpet tile is also its greatest weakness. The fact that the tiles are not joined together provides a lack of cohesion which can cause problems when it comes to vacuuming or walking across the tiles if there have been any flaws in fitting. For that reason it?s important to make sure you have fitted the carpet tiles correctly and flush against the walls.
? Disjointed appearance ? sometimes the appearance of carpet tiles can prove problematic. Because they are all separate tiles there can be a disjointed appearance in the way in which they are laid, which can ultimately detract from the visual side of things.
? Can Curl ? as carpet tiles ages they can curl at the corners, raising from the floor. Whilst this can appear unattractive it can also prove to be extremely dangerous, and is a problem solely related to carpet tiles rather than their one-piece counterparts.

Comparing both the advantages and disadvantages of carpet tiles can help guide you to your decision. Whilst this isn?t an exhaustive list, it does give an idea of some of the most salient pros and cons of the tile format, to help you make your final decision – the choice is yours.

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