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Buying a new carpet? Well, before you buy one, you should know follow a few simple tips in order to get the best deal. As you look at the carpet, you can check the twist in yarn pieces. A good carpet will have a number of twists. More twists mean more spring and if there is more spring, you can conceal the footprints. A good dealer will never cheat you. You can be assured of the quality of the product. Before you select a carpet, you should look at the different kinds available in the market. Take a look at the underpads. A carpet with a thin underpad is not a good choice. After a few years, as the underpads worn out, this will damage the carpet. Apart from carpets, area rugs are also popular among the homeowners. Rugs are ideal for protecting the expensive hardwood floors. But before you buy the rug, you should visualize the overall decor of the room and the kind of rugs that will look good. You will get variations in color, shape, length and pattern of the rugs. As you look at the color of the carpet, you can see if they match the color scheme of the room. The lighting conditions can affect the carpet’s look. A carpet with a smooth surface will give a plush look. There are some carpets which use an oriental or tapestry weave style. This looks good for formal decors. A lustrous carpet will make the room brighter. Low loops in carpets are good for areas which are known for high traffic. For most cases it is seen that it is the price of carpets which determine the quality. When you are buying a carpet, find out if you can get a warranty. Although this is not a common practice among the carpet sellers, but you can ask before you buy.